Video: Sergey Bezrukov shot the whole family in the video

Video: Sergey Bezrukov shot the whole family in the video

24.05.2022 0 By admin

44-year-old actor Sergei Bezrukov decided to fulfill his youthful dream and created the Godfather rock band, which he announced in early summer on his blog. Then the aspiring rocker presented his first single to the fans “Not about us” .

Bezrukov admitted that even in his youth he imagined himself a rock musician. The actor also separately noted that all the songs of his group will be “about the most important thing: about the joy of living, about love.”

A new, third, single by Sergei and his group was released under the title “What planet are we from” . A music video for this song immediately appeared on the network, which was filmed on a mobile phone camera by the actor himself and his wife Anna Matison .

It is also noteworthy in this video that Bezrukov filmed his 2-year-old daughter Masha in it.

Summer song, summer video, summer sea and summer Masha! The clip #withWhatWePlanet didn’t seem to plan to shoot at all, and then I decided to share the mood that comes from home filming!📽️ They are the most real, most sincere. When there is no one around, everything is filmed on a mobile phone.

It may not be very professional, but the mood is just right! So here’s a #telephone clip for you 🤣🤣🤣

We watch the video and get charged with summer positive, sunny glare on the Gulf of Finland and joy together with the Bezrukov family!

The clip really turned out to be very summery and touching. We are waiting for new premieres of songs and video clips from Sergei Bezrukov and his rock band!

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Photo and video: ©Instagram@s_bezrukov, YouTube