Video: Maxim Galkin surprised his daughter with a trick

Video: Maxim Galkin surprised his daughter with a trick

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Maxim Galkin with his daughter Liza

Maxim Galkin is a master of inventing interesting fun for children. This time, the TV presenter surprised his daughter Lisa by saying that he wrote her name … in the air.

The girl admired the gift of her dad and asked: did you manage to repeat the focus on the sky? And Lisa persuaded her dad to give her a smartphone to also practice “magic”: “Daddy, how did you do it? Let me do something.”

In the comments to this entertaining video, Maxim Galkin’s fans called him magic dad. There were those who could not appreciate the celebrity joke:

I don’t get it, how did this inscription come about? How does she actually float in the air?

Well, you are generally a magician, I see this in the first life !!!

Harry and Lisa Galkin Instagram @maxgalkinru

Despite the fact that Alla Pugacheva does not like that her husband uploads so many videos with children (Primadonna considers it wrong to make Internet stars out of children), Maxim often uploads funny videos with four-year-old Lisa and Harry. Children grow spontaneous and very artistic!

And what gadget applications do you use to surprise your child with something interesting and unusual?

Announcement photo: Instagram @maxgalkinru