VIDEO: making edible "roses"

VIDEO: making edible "roses"

24.05.2022 0 By admin

fruit and vegetable roses

Cooking is an inspiring process. The author of the blog about healthy eating Karen McLean (Karen Mclean) is sure of this. She creates delicious and healthy beauty. We looked at Karen’s microblog, got inspired and share with you a great idea – turn dishes into flowers!

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“Roses” can be wound from any product: vegetables, fruits, cold cuts, sausages. But we are for a healthy diet, so in today’s master class there will be only vegetables and fruits!

Watch the video, learn, train and create “roses” with your own hands! Bonus: the “queen of flowers” is incredibly beautiful in edible form!

And for inspiration: “roses” from cucumbers

…from celery

…from beets

… from apples

…from radish

… from avocados. Served by an amazing waiter!

Serve Ideas: Mix Roses in Baking

Strawberry “roses” on chocolate toast

In the form of grape “turtles”

“Roses” on fruit puree

Bon appetit!

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