Video: Liza Galkina rides a car and reads poetry

Video: Liza Galkina rides a car and reads poetry

24.05.2022 0 By admin

4-year-old Liza Galkina loves to perform in front of the camera. Famous parents do not mind filming their daughter during her talented performances. All fans of the couple have long understood that a real star is growing.

The last video, which was published on Maxim Galkin ‘s blog, first demonstrates how daughter Lisa is trying to tell a rhyme about the letter ” solid sign “. But she is knocked down by her mother standing on the balcony. Lisa tries to hide from surveillance on her children’s ATV and read the rhyme again. Again failure – in the middle the young reader forgets the words!

And only at the end of the video, Lisa comes running to her dad and tells the rhyme in full! Bravo, Lisa!

And here is the video itself:

The young artist grows up with a peculiar fantasy. For example, organ music, the girl is clearly bored, which she recently demonstrated with her whole appearance.

But to invent unrealistic fairy tales with an unexpected ending – Lisa knows how!

A worthy replacement for dad and mom is growing! And we are looking forward to Lisa and Harry’s celebration performance in honor of their fifth anniversary (September 18). Surely the children are up to something very interesting!

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