Video: Lisa and Harry Galkin staged a concert in the kitchen

Video: Lisa and Harry Galkin staged a concert in the kitchen

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Children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva - Lisa and Harry

Maxim Galkin is a happy father of two wonderful creative kids: Lisa and Harry. The artist regularly publishes videos in which the guys constantly arrange creative numbers. Fans of Galkin and Pugacheva really like all this, and they try to please their subscribers more often with new funny videos.

The latest creative number from Lisa and Harry is the performance of a song in a language that no one knows. In fact, Harry sang, but his sister constantly appeared in the background and commented on her brother’s performance. It came out very funny. See for yourself:

The performance was a success for the guys: the video gathered a huge number of likes, comments and views in a few hours. This says only one thing – a worthy replacement for famous parents is growing. Fans commented on this:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 👍

Charming!!!!!😊 You can watch the video endlessly!!!!!)))))

How artistic!🎶

Amazing kids! They are already favorites of all Russia! What about Russia…😘😍

Little Maxim Galkin and little Alla Barisovna😂

After such a diligent performance, Harry and his dad went to the beach to swim and sunbathe.

It is worth noting that Maxim Galkin loves to spend time with children, constantly entertaining them. The other day, the showman showed a video in which he portrayed a wizard and showed tricks for his daughter Lisa.

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