Video: Keti Topuria boasted of her daughter's talents

Video: Keti Topuria boasted of her daughter's talents

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Keti Topuria rarely indulges her subscribers with videos with her little daughter Olivia . But when this happens, the joy of the fans knows no bounds. Especially when a famous mother publishes a video where her daughter sings and reads poetry.

Your attention is a song about a cat performed by 3-year-old Olivia:

Katie ‘s fans bombarded the young singer with compliments: “sweet curly girl”, “such a pretty baby”, “talented baby😍”, “oh, what a sweet girl”.

Then the proud mother showed subscribers a video where Olivia reads a poem. Such a smart girl!

At what age did your children learn the letters of the alphabet?

Recall that Keti Topuria met the girl’s father, Lev Geykhman, in 2009, and in 2013 the couple got married. The singer announced the break in relations in the fall of 2017, but the former spouses maintained friendly relations, largely thanks to their common daughter.

©Instagram @olivia_geykhman
©Instagram @olivia_geykhman

Now the singer is dating rap artist Guf .

©Instagram @therealguf

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Announcement photo: © Instagram@olivia_geykhman