Video: Katherine Heigl dances with her daughters in the kitchen

Video: Katherine Heigl dances with her daughters in the kitchen

24.05.2022 0 By admin

39-year-old Katherine Heigl is the mother of two daughters and a son. Recently, the actress published a video in which she dances with the girls. The Hollywood beauty told subscribers that her daughter Adelaide spent a week at a dance camp and now everyone is dancing when she returns home! The girl acted as a choreographer, showing movements for her older sister and mother. Well done! We are waiting for new videos!

The actress is not the first time dancing with children in the kitchen. In this video, Heigl is fooling around with his youngest son.

The Grey’s Anatomy star adopted a girl from South Korea in September 2009, who was named Nancy. It is from there that the adopted sister of the actress, Meg, comes from. After 2.5 years, Katherine and her husband adopted their second daughter, Adelaide (born in the USA), into their family. After 4 years, it became known that the couple was expecting the birth of their third child. Their son Joshua Bishop Kelly Jr was born on December 20, 2016.

By the way, after Meghan Markle decided to associate herself with the royal family and stopped filming in the TV series Suits, Katherine Heigl replaced her in the project. The actress will play the role of Samantha Wheeler, who will appear in the new season instead of Markle’s character. The actress has already started filming, which she sometimes talks about on her blog.

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