Video: Igor Nikolaev's daughter frolics on the beach

Video: Igor Nikolaev's daughter frolics on the beach

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Veronika Nikolaeva is a real star in the blogs of her famous parents. The daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova spends a busy summer in Jurmala, and we regularly monitor her achievements during the holidays.

While dad was away on business to shoot in another city, Nika (2.8) discovered playing with sand and sea water. The girl’s mother published a funny video where Veronica leaves footprints in the sand, and at some point the sea wave washes them away.

The video shows how surprised Nicky was! After this discovery, the girl was unstoppable, however, and the sea wave too.

Fans of the star family in the comments noted that Nika is growing up as a positive and very smiling girl. We agree with them!

God, you can look at this beauty endlessly.

Pretty girl! ALWAYS joyful, smiling, not capricious, just smart!

Insanely bright, beautiful, sweetest girl!

Incredible laughter, this is a miracle girl, it’s impossible to look at and admire her)))))

Do your kids like to play on the beach with sand and water?

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Photo and video: Instagram