Video: Igor Nikolaev rides his daughter on a bike

Video: Igor Nikolaev rides his daughter on a bike

24.05.2022 0 By admin

We previously wrote that Igor Nikolaev and his family went to Jurmala for the summer holidays. How lucky is 3-year-old Veronika that she spends all summer with her beloved dad and mom!

On vacation, the girl actively spends time with her parents: she sings songs , reads books, dances with her dad and walks along the beach.

The other day, Nikolaev had to leave Jurmala on business, about which he informed his subscribers by posting a tender photo with his daughter.

LET’S PARTS FOR A LITTLE!.. Only in Murom for filming and in Vitebsk for the Slavianski Bazaar.

The Russian composer also shared a funny video where he rides little Veronica on a bike.

How Nika loves to ride in the trunk of a bike!)))

In the comments, many subscribers were delighted with what an unforgettable childhood daddy arranges for his baby.

It’s a wonderful time-childhood!) I would ride on such a ride now-))

We ride the princess, it’s amazing to watch you!! Is it possible to refuse a cute daughter!

How cool it is to ride a bike with your beloved dad👍👍Nika is sitting happy😍Both dad and daughter are happy together!

Do your kids love cycling?

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Photo and video : Instagram