Video: how Maxim Galkin celebrated his birthday with children

Video: how Maxim Galkin celebrated his birthday with children

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Maksim Galkin

Yesterday, Maxim Galkin shared on his blog a video from his birthday, which he noted in the company of children. On his holiday, the artist invited the little participants in the show “Best of all!” and arranged for them an unforgettable walk around Moscow on a double-decker bus, as well as a tour of the new sights of the capital!

And so Maxim Galkin, Alla Pugacheva and their children, Harry and Lisa, spend their holidays.

Last year, on my birthday, I received about a hundred touching video greetings from the participants of the show “The Best!”. This time I decided to make a surprise for the kids and invited them on a trip around Moscow on a brand new double-decker bus.

I thought I would please them with a cool walk, but in the end I got involved myself and did not want to leave. We visited Zaryadye Park, Gorky Park, VDNKh, and there are so many landscaped parks now that, despite the fact that we walked on a day off and in fine weather, there were not so many people. Everything has changed a lot in recent years: a lot of free entertainment for children and adults, food for every taste and budget. And most importantly, some indescribable atmosphere of unity and friendliness surrounded us. And the kids, the same age as this new Moscow for me, felt absolutely happy in our beautiful city. It’s been a wonderful birthday!

In pursuit of the homemade cake from Alla, Garik and Lisa, I’ll brag about what a wonderful cake I ❤️ Moscow met me with the guys from “Best of All!” Gorky Park. What struck me about this park 🌳🌲 was its scope and at the same time grooming, which, in my opinion, it has not had since its foundation. Space, cleanliness and most importantly – a lot of cafes and restaurants with a large selection, food quality and very affordable prices. Thanks to the kids from my program, for whom I came up with this tour, I am discovering a renewed Moscow in all its splendor. Thanks to Gorky Park for hospitality! PS And thank you, loyal subscribers, for the congratulations that I have been receiving for the third day! #me❤️Moscow #the best

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And so Harry and Lisa met dad:

Maxim’s fans also congratulated him in the comments:

What a fine fellow! Max, happy birthday! All the best! And most importantly – health! We love it!

“Maxim, happy birthday! You are a noble person, and this event was expected from you. The future is in children. Happiness and prosperity to you and your family!”

And we congratulate the TV presenter on the past birthday and expect new surprises and videos from him!

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