Video: how 3-month-old son Coco Rocha dances

Video: how 3-month-old son Coco Rocha dances

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Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha is now vacationing with her husband and two children in Saint-Tropez. This is the first big trip for the model’s 3-month-old son, Iver. The young mother does not forget to share everyday life from vacation. The star regularly posts photos and videos with children.

©Instagram @cocorocha
©Instagram @cocorocha

One of the latest is a video where electronic music plays in the background, and a small baby dances vigorously! See how he moves to the beat of the music!

Mom is also not far behind and can dance anywhere and to any music. See how she famously dances the Irish dance!

No less spectacular video by Koko about how her 3-year-old daughter Ioni stands on the seashore and looks fascinated at the surf. Please note that the girl is not at all afraid of raging waves. How brave!

Holidays with the children of Koko and her husband James Conran are beneficial. For example, while on vacation in France, Ioni learns to swim. And he tries to do it without insurance and inflatable sleeves!

A little and baby Iver was bathed in the pool.

©Instagram @jamesedwardconran

The young fashionista does not forget about the beach look. Awake, however, this does not always work out:

Eh, it’s good in Saint-Tropez in the summer!

©Instagram @iverconran/@cocorocha

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Announcement photo: ©Instagram @cocorocha