Video: Arthur Pirozhkov's daughter sings his songs

Video: Arthur Pirozhkov's daughter sings his songs

24.05.2022 0 By admin

5-year-old Amelie, daughter of showman Alexander Revva , follows in her father’s footsteps: the girl grows up very artistic. She constantly sings, dances and jokes, and loving parents constantly film it and publish it on their blog.

The other day Arthur Pirozhkov , aka Alexander Revva, shared a fresh video with subscribers, in which the youngest daughter admits that she loves the song “Chika”. And then immediately performed a small excerpt from the new hit of the pope.

Unlike the daughter of Robbie Williams , Revva has a growing fan of her father’s work, which, of course, is very pleasant to him.

Despite the stage image of the hero-lover, in real life Revva is a devoted and loving husband. This year, the artist and his wife Angelica celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. The couple has two daughters: Alice and Amelie.

By the way, today the couple celebrates 14 years since they met. On this occasion, Alexander Revva published a photo with his wife and wrote touching words:

Exactly 14 years ago I saw your eyes for the first time, heard your voice and felt your breath.. I love you, my girl!!!

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Photo and video: Instagram