Video: Anna Sedokova gathers a football team

Video: Anna Sedokova gathers a football team

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Anna Sedokova Singer Anna Sedokova , in support of the Russian national football team, published a video in which she plays football … with her daughter Alina (13), her one-year-old son Hector and her dog Marusya!

The star mom wrote: “It seems to me that this is another very important victory for us! We all went outside and play football, this sport has become our favorite game.
Now, it is played in every family: women, grandmothers, children, grandfathers and even dogs. Football unites us all”

It is worth noting that Anna Sedokova is an active mother who tries to spend as much time with her children as possible and fill it with interesting events.

The eldest daughter with her mother, the star, are more like girlfriends who go everywhere together: both to the exhibition and to the hippodrome.

Recall that Anna has a daughter, Monica (6), who lives in the United States with her father, Maxim Chernyavsky. Soon the baby will have a birthday, which she will spend with her mother.

Do you play football with your children?

Photo: Instagram