Victoria Makarskaya shared a photo from the family archive

Victoria Makarskaya shared a photo from the family archive

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Anton and Victoria Makarsky are very cheerful and easy-going people. Looking at the colorful photos of their family, it seems that everything is easy and simple for them. However, star parents, like any other, also have controversial situations with their children. Victoria recently shared a very personal confession with her fans on a shared microblog with her husband. The girl complained that sometimes she feels completely helpless in the process of raising children. At such moments, faith saves the famous mother.

Spouses Makarsky are very church-going people . They regularly visit the temple and take communion, which they also teach their children: Ivan (3) and Maria (5). Victoria added photographs of her fidgets from the family archive to the candid publication.

So what does a star do in moments of absolute powerlessness in front of young heirs? Firstly, Victoria refers to herself in the words of her beloved character Astrid Lindgren Carlson and reminds that the main thing is calmness. And after that, the girl turns to God, from whom she seeks and asks for wisdom.

LORD, teach me what and how to tell our children. How to teach them, how to answer questions. Help me, irritable and always preoccupied with work and life, not harm the psyche of my children with my behavior and wrong actions. What I, stupid and weak, cannot put into their souls, hearts and minds, put it YOURSELF, LORD!

And yet, looking at the cute photos of the Makarsky Jr., it’s hard to believe that parents have difficulties in raising children. After all, that’s how cleverly Anton carries two children at once: one on his chest in a kangaroo, the other on his neck. Not a dad, but a superhero.

Recall that Anton and Victoria have been together for more than 15 years . Is it worth doubting your abilities with such a reliable spouse and support?

Photo: Instagram