Veronica Castro's granddaughter is dancing in a kokoshnik!

Veronica Castro's granddaughter is dancing in a kokoshnik!

24.05.2022 0 By admin

65-year-old star of the series “The Rich Also Cry” and “Wild Rose” Veronica Castro published a video with her beloved granddaughter Rafaela on her blog (4). Imagine our surprise when we saw a girl in a national Russian costume and kokoshnik!

The choice of this outfit is not accidental. We already wrote that the Mexican actress is watching the World Cup , which is taking place in Russia this year. Castro does not forget how popular she was in the former USSR, so she is not averse to showing love for our country.

A dress, a kokoshnik and a doll were presented to the girl by Castro fans from Russia. Rafaela seems to like the outfit very much, because she also congratulated the Colombian team with a victory in matches in a dress and a kokoshnik.

Rafaela is the daughter of Christian, the eldest son of Veronica Castro.

The famous grandmother often posts photos and videos with her granddaughter on her blog. Rafaela seems to love dancing very much! See for yourself:

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Photo and video: Instagram