Using apricot oil for the face

Using apricot oil for the face

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Apricot face oil is often used in home care recipes. Thanks to the beneficial substances in the composition, regular application of the product helps to even out the tone of the face and get rid of wrinkles. You should know how to properly apply apricot oil in order to get a noticeable effect.

What are the benefits of apricot oil?

Since the oil contains a large number of useful components, when it is applied to the surface of the face, some of the substances penetrate into the upper layers of the epidermis. The cosmetic effect is manifested in the form of the disappearance of minor defects and an improvement in complexion.

apricot face oil
Apricot face oil smoothes wrinkles

The tool has the following useful properties:

  • rejuvenating;
  • antioxidant;
  • moisturizing;
  • feeding.

The composition of the oil includes organic acids that improve the regenerative properties of cells. As a result, the protective functions of the epidermis are restored, and aging slows down.

Antioxidants include fat-soluble vitamins – retinol and tocopherol. These components improve the elasticity of the epidermis, heal wounds, eliminate peeling and dryness. In particular, these vitamins are abundant in apricot kernels.

Vitamins of group B in the composition of the oil help to cleanse clogged pores, effectively eliminate impurities. Apricots also contain a large amount of ascorbic acid.

The cosmetic product nourishes the epidermis due to the presence of a large amount of magnesium in the composition. This trace element improves capillary circulation, which has a positive effect on vascular microcirculation.

How to use apricot oil at home

It is best to buy the product in pharmacies or specialized outlets. Before buying, you should pay attention to the product name and composition. It should be 100% apricot kernel oil without the addition of artificial impurities. Keep the product in a tightly closed bottle and protected from light.

It is important to make sure that there is no allergy to the oil. Before use, a drop of the product is applied to the elbow. If redness, scabies or itching do not occur during the day, then apricot oil is suitable for use.

Apricot oil is best for skin prone to dryness and flaking.

Apricot oil is a base component suitable for mixing with other ingredients. It goes well with wheat germ oil or any other essential oil. Also suitable for mixing medicinal herbs and vitamin supplements.

In advanced cases, masks with apricot oil are made 2-3 times a week. It takes 10-15 procedures to achieve the optimal effect. Then there is a break of 2-3 weeks. After that, if necessary, a series of procedures is repeated.

The use of anti-aging masks

Keep the mask on your face for 30-40 minutes. The product is washed off with warm water, then a moisturizer is applied.

Mask options for various skin problems:

  • Nutritious . Apricot and peach oil are mixed in equal proportions – a tablespoon each. There is no need to preheat the oil. A cotton pad is soaked in warm water, then dipped in a mixture of oils. With gentle movements, the product is applied to the face, without affecting the eyelid area.
  • Anti-aging . Apricot and almond oil are mixed in the same amount – a tablespoon each. Then 2 drops of peppermint oil are added. The mixture is evenly applied to the previously cleansed skin of the face.
  • Moisturizing . Fir oil is added to apricot oil in a ratio of 1:4. Apply to the face with a cotton pad.
  • Cleansing . 2-3 drops of grape seed oil, lemon and nerola are added to a tablespoon of apricot oil. The mixture is heated to 35-40 °C in a water bath. Apply to the face with a brush.
  • Peeling mask. Apricot and coconut oil are mixed in equal proportions – a teaspoon each. The mixture is heated in a water bath to 40 °C. It is important to achieve a uniform consistency. Apply to the face with massage movements using a cotton pad.

Apricot face oil is used in many skin care recipes. The tool can be mixed with other essential oils, which enhances its beneficial properties.


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