Under the sky of Tuscany: Alexander Malinin and his family on vacation

Under the sky of Tuscany: Alexander Malinin and his family on vacation

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Alexander Malinin with his wife and son

The Malinins have a favorite place in Italy – Forte dei Marmi. The family visits here regularly. This summer was no exception. Alexander and Emma arrived with their children – Frol , Ustinya – and granddaughter Arianna . On rest days, the performer actively shares vacation photos on his Instagram. Fans already know that on vacation he prefers the sea, the beach and cycling. Like his youngest son Frol.

© Instagram @alexandr_malinin
Frol Malinin © Instagram @doktoremmamalinina

But subscribers paid more attention to the photo, in which the singer is with a young charming girl. The picture Malinin signed: “Beloved granddaughter !!!” This photo caused a lot of enthusiastic comments. Almost all fans of the performer came to the conclusion: the girl is growing up as a copy of her grandmother – Emma Malinina .

© Instagram @alexandr_malinin , @doktoremmamalinina

Six-year-old Arianna is the daughter of Emma’s son from his first marriage. As the star spouses have repeatedly emphasized in their interviews, they do not divide children into “yours” and “mine”. Therefore, Alexander Malinin considers the girl to be his own granddaughter, as well as the eldest grandson of Plato. Moreover, the singer adopted their father, Anton, as a child.

So the Malinins came all together to their favorite place, Forte dei Marmi, where the family often rests. The youngest daughter Ustinya , despite the holidays, continues to study music. Moreover, not so long ago, the girl released her first video, surprising fans with a beautiful soprano.

Ustinya Malinina © Instagram @ustinya_malinina_official
© Instagram @ustinya_malinina_official

Recall that Alexander Malinin was married three times. In the first marriage, the son Nikita was born, the second daughter, Kira , the performer recognized in 2011. The strongest was the union with the third wife Emma. In this marriage, in 2000, a son Frol and a daughter Ustinya were born. The Malinins also raised Emma’s son, Anton, from his marriage to Alexander Isaev.

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Alexander Malinin with his family - wife Emma, sons Anton, Nikita and Frol and daughter Ustinya Alexander Malinin with his wife Emma and children (from left to right): Nikita, Ustinya, Frol and Anton. Photo from personal archive. © Instagram @doktoremmamalinina
Emma Malinina with her grandchildren Arianna and Plato Emma Malinina with her grandchildren – Arianna and Plato. © Instagram @doktoremmamalinina

Italy this year has become just a tourist Mecca among Russian and Western celebrities. Who else visited various corners of the “Garden of Europe”:

Photo for announcement: Instagram @alexandr_malinin, @doktoremmamalinina