Two dachshunds help a fitness blogger in training

Two dachshunds help a fitness blogger in training

24.05.2022 0 By admin

A yoga instructor from Australia has two wonderful dachshunds who accompany her everywhere and always. Amanda loves her furry friends and does everything with them.

Meet dachshunds Charlie and Willow , as well as their mistress Amanda and her fiancé Adams .

Amanda makes a lot of funny videos of how the dogs behave during her workouts, which she devotes to every day. There are days when dachshunds sit quietly, and sometimes they are ready to play pranks and interfere with the hostess.

When you watch Amanda’s videos, you are torn between the desire to look at her flawless figure and incredible stretching, or at her dogs.

Tell me, do your pets interfere with your exercise?

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All photos: ©Instagram @ amandabisk