To the smallest: 15 best hats for newborns

To the smallest: 15 best hats for newborns

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Hats occupy an important place in children’s wardrobe, so there are usually a lot of them: to match the color of the suit and eyes, to match the mother’s hat, for a photo shoot …

If you are one of those mothers who believe that there are never too many hats for newborns, you will definitely like this article. We have collected a whole collection of hats for babies: funny, gentle, stylish and mi-mi-bear.

Murrr, I’m a little kitten

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When mom loves lace…

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Sweet dreams little gnome!

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Hat with pom-poms – and you are in trend!

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© Instagram @sweetnewbornangel

Hood for the cutest baby

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What’s the first thing there? Of course, sleep!

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Mom says I’m her mouse…

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… and I am a bunny and a flower

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So be it, I’ll be a fox

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When you’re taught to love unicorns from the cradle

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Is it true that caps are in fashion this season?

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So this is what the flower mood looks like!

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Many, many shades of blue…

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Hipuem, today we are hipuim with you …

© Instagram @irinamarkina1073

For the sweetest baby – a strawberry hat

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What hats does your baby have?

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