To make mom relax: 6 comfortable positions for breastfeeding

To make mom relax: 6 comfortable positions for breastfeeding

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Sometimes young mothers complain that the baby is eating breast milk for too long, and this hurts his back and his arms get tired. Maybe it’s the wrong posture?

We have compiled the best breastfeeding positions for mom to rest. Yes, it happens!

Pose #1

Lay the child on the bed, preferably on something soft. Lie down next to him. Place your baby tummy to your belly. The baby’s head should be on the bed, next to the chest. With one hand, support the child by the back and under the head, and with the other – yourself.

This position for feeding babies is very fond of. After eating, they immediately fall asleep.

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Pose number 2 (lower chest)

This position is ideal for feeding while sleeping. If you are co-sleeping, place your baby next to you, tummy to tummy. Pay attention to the position of the breast and the distance to the baby – the baby’s nose should touch the nipple. When the baby is hungry, he will reach for the chest.

To make the baby comfortable, support his back with your hand.

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Pose number 3 (upper chest)

This position differs from No. 2 in two ways: the baby eats from the upper breast and the mother does not support him with her hand. Also suitable for feeding while sleeping together.

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Pose #4

Suitable for mothers whose children eat for a very long time. And also for those who suffer from lactostasis or women with large breasts.

Lay the baby on a pillow so that his tummy is next to yours. This way you won’t have to lean towards him and you’ll spend less energy trying to stay on your elbow.

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Pose #5

The “baby on mother” pose is great for tired women. You need to lie comfortably on your back, leaning on a pillow or several pillows. Put the baby on your stomach and hold it. In this position, feeding is comfortable, since the pressure of milk is not too strong and the baby does not choke.

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Pose #6

Lay the child on the bed in the “jack” position (legs away from you). You can lean on your elbow or on a pillow. Support the baby’s head with your hand. The baby should lie on its side.

This position is recommended for breastfeeding mothers who experience milk stasis in the upper breast segment.

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What position are you breastfeeding your baby in?

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