To help a housewife mom: how not to break into everyday life

To help a housewife mom: how not to break into everyday life

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Today, many representatives of the “weaker sex” choose the path of an active business woman, aimed at career and financial independence. But this is not at all the norm: there are always women (no less active and purposeful!), who feel a different calling in themselves – to be the mistress of their home, a loving wife and a caring mother.

Mom’s vacation?

There is such a common misconception to think that a non-working woman only does what she watches TV shows all day and chats on the phone. This idea exists not only among men, but also among some women who are active in professional activities. Many, having waited for two stripes on the test, rejoice: “Finally, I will rest!”

But maternity leave is only called leave. In fact, this is work, different, but no less difficult. Even for those who organically get used to a new role – mothers and housewives, it is not easy to be in a situation of endless time pressure called “housekeeping and raising children.” Increased physical and psychological stress, “irregular working hours”, the lack of days off and the inability to “go on vacation” – with all this, it is not so easy to establish a lifestyle in which a woman will not feel “a hostage of everyday life.”

First off, a little test.

If you notice more and more:

– apathy;

– lack of interest in everything related to caring for the baby;

– unwillingness to do household chores;

– constant nervousness and irritation;

– thoughts about “where to go, quit everything”,

– increased fatigue, constant desire to sleep,

it means that your boat of family happiness has leaked – it has become bogged down in the quagmire of everyday life, and the time has come for decisive action.

Step one

Soberly assess your condition, accept everything as it is. Yes, you are tired, life is jammed, and circumstances control life and emotions. But, most likely, we are talking about simple overwork, and a “change of picture” will help: try to break the usual rhythm of life, bring new colors into it. Ask your husband or a relative to babysit and spend at least half a day outside the house: take a walk in the park, go to a beauty salon or indulge yourself in shopping.

No one to babysit? Keep the kid busy with the game, turn on the cartoon for him. Devote the freed time to yourself – take a shower with aromatic oils, do your hair, light makeup, dress nicely … Or just lie down on the bed and read a book, watch a movie.

Are you used to doing household chores while the baby is sleeping? Get out of the routine. Sleep for an hour or two with your son or daughter. Better yet, go for a long walk and let the baby sleep outside in the stroller. At this time, you can calmly (!) think, call a friend, admire nature and just breathe fresh air.

step two

Take time to calmly sit down, analyze the situation, prioritize.

If it suddenly began to seem to you that the household was “stupefying”, and the brain stopped working, then you may have fallen under the influence of the second delusion regarding a non-working woman.

Many people think that a housewife is assigned a circle of duties related only to caring for children, raising them, keeping the house clean and having a freshly prepared dinner. But modern women are increasingly radically changing this state of affairs! Being engaged in the upbringing of your child, you can learn a lot, make your life interesting, get new experience.

Do not go in cycles in diapers and frying pans. Find yourself a hobby that, in addition to pleasure, can also bring income (if you need it).

You can develop your own course in the area in which you are strong, hold webinars, do yoga, swim, dance (by the way, this can be done with your child), learn foreign languages, read books on landscape design or feng shui, or, finally, find a small part-time job in the field that you are familiar with.

And remember: you are not just a housewife. You are a cook, a psychologist, an economist, a cleaning specialist, after all. After all, it is you who has to do the laundry, clean up, plan the family budget, resolve children’s conflicts – and do all this quickly, with a twinkle!

Step Three

Think about what you lack in order to optimize housekeeping, reduce time for certain tasks and make them easier to complete.

Of course, you should not neglect the innovations of household appliances, such as: multicookers, powerful “smart” vacuum cleaners and washing machines, food processors, steam stations, etc. All these devices, of course, are not cheap, but they serve for a long time, really facilitate household work and significantly save mother’s time.

And finally, some useful practical tips for housekeeping – for every day:

1. Cleaning.

Try to determine for yourself what you will wash and clean every day. Set aside 15-20 minutes for this, no more. For example, the kitchen. Every day, wipe the stove, microwave, sink, dining table. Defrosting the refrigerator or washing the shelves in the kitchen can be done once every two to three weeks.

2. Cooking.

In the evening, think over the menu for tomorrow: what products you need to buy, what you already have. You can clean-cut something in the evening and put it in the refrigerator.

3. Washing.

Try not to accumulate a full laundry basket, but wash every day, but little by little.

4. Shopping.

When you go to the store, make a list of what you need to buy. Buy with a margin, because the easiest way to go to the store less often is to have everything you need at home. How to create a stock? Take the necessary products from the list, but 1 more. This simple technique will allow you to gradually form a stock of necessary products, without requiring large one-time cash investments.

listen to your heart

There is no need to compare career women and housewives, evaluating them in the categories of “bad / good”, “right / wrong”. It is good and right to be yourself. Do not force yourself to cook borscht when the soul is eager for great business projects. And vice versa. Do not rape yourself at an unloved job, if the main inspiration in life is children, husband and home, if you want to give all your energy only to them, and not to some third-party projects that don’t touch you personally.

Are you afraid that friends and acquaintances will not understand if you prefer the role of a “boring” housewife to a “prestigious” place?

Trust your own intuition. Live for yourself, for your loved ones, and break stereotypes if they prevent you from realizing your dreams and aspirations.