Tip of the Day: Use the 5 Minute Rule in Parenting

Tip of the Day: Use the 5 Minute Rule in Parenting

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Sometimes mothers are upset because it is difficult to distract the child from the game and switch to another type of activity, for example, reading or cleaning. Difficulties arise with the completion of the walk – the children simply do not want to leave the playground. So it’s time to adopt the 5-minute rule.

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How it works: five minutes before the end of an interesting activity, warn the child that he soon needs to have breakfast / lunch / brush his teeth / go home from a walk … This way the child will be alerted and can smoothly switch to a new one.

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How to warn the baby that five minutes have already passed: say about it, ring the bell, set the alarm, set the time on the timer. Choose the way you like best.

Try using the 5-minute rule and you will see that the child’s protest reaction with this approach is much lower than in the case of an abrupt cessation of an interesting activity. After all, he was warned – a weighty argument that works. And this means that there will most likely be no tears.

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Try the 5 minute rule and let us know how it goes!

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