Tip of the Day: Don't Forbid Boys to Cry

Tip of the Day: Don't Forbid Boys to Cry

24.05.2022 0 By admin

If a girl is hurt, scared, sad, she may cry. And everyone around will soothe, stroke your hair and regret. But as soon as the boy sheds a tear, he immediately hears: “You are a man, you don’t have to cry. Calm down and dry your tears.” You don’t need to do this, because boys can’t suppress their emotions either. Expressing them is fine!

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Even grown men can get flustered by an unfamiliar medical procedure, bad news, or a big dog that pops up unexpectedly. And the boys … They are children who have the right to fear. And they shouldn’t hide it. Otherwise, it threatens psychological disorders in the future.

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If a boy is not shy about crying at a tender age, as he grows older, he will empathize, understand, and feel. This is so important, because mothers raise future husbands. The more feelings a child experiences, the more indifferent he grows. And if the boy cries, and the parents accept his feelings, this is normal.

Teach your son to share with you both positive emotions and what worries him. Be there and make it clear that there is no “wrong” way to express sadness, resentment, or fear.

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How do you teach your child to express emotions?

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