Tip of the day: do not discuss with a small child his appetite

Tip of the day: do not discuss with a small child his appetite

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If the child eats little, it always worries the mother. To convince him to eat porridge or soup, some parents go to bribery or blackmail: eat – I’ll give you candy, don’t eat – I won’t turn on the cartoon. Moms and dads, don’t discuss the child’s appetite! You should not do this either in the form of threats or in the form of encouragement.

It is more correct to talk about what the soup is made of, what benefits it brings to health and the body as a whole. Conduct such conversations about porridge, compote, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

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The unwillingness of the child to eat may also be due to the fact that parents communicate on the topic of problematic appetite with strangers. Even the little man is insulted and offended by the discussion of his person.

A child may feel uncomfortable at the table if parents carefully monitor that he is clean. In this case, there is a risk of developing a feeling of anxiety. For example, if she spills soup, mom will scold. Therefore, the baby may turn out to be from food.

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There is no need to discuss the child’s appetite! And ask to eat a spoon for dad, mom and all other relatives – too. But you can apply the practice of smaller portions than usual. This will teach the child that after breakfast, lunch or dinner he has an empty plate. And so time after time, the baby will begin to eat as much as his body needs.

What is your child’s appetite?

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