Tip of the day: correctly point out mistakes to children

Tip of the day: correctly point out mistakes to children

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To point out the child to mistakes or not to point out? This difficult topic is relevant for all mothers, especially perfectionists. They want the child to be perfect and not make mistakes. However, family psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya is sure that “there is no need to let the child understand: a mistake is bad. On the contrary, if a child does not make mistakes, he does not learn, does not develop. And it’s not worth teaching children that mistakes should not be made. ”

A well-known psychologist advises parents to take care of their emotions and the nerves of the baby, because if you point out the child to mistakes, he will constantly live in stress. And to help him cope with mistakes, you need not to highlight them, not to stick out, but to help in finding the right solution. And do it unobtrusively.

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If you notice a mistake in your child, do not point it out critically. Encourage your child to find it on their own. Thus, by working on mistakes, the child will become more attentive to his educational tasks.

Focus on the success of a preschooler or schoolchild, show that you are proud of his skills. But at the same time, ask for care and diligence. Praise can be a great motivator to work. And the little man, who before that could inattentively do his homework, will think: he was praised, which means that he cannot afford to make mistakes in the future.

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How do you do learning with kids? How do you react to mistakes?

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