This is interesting: 30 facts about Prince George

This is interesting: 30 facts about Prince George

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July 22, the eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton – Prince George – turns five years old. We have collected 30 interesting facts about the young heir of the Cambridges, many of which will be unexpected!

No. 1. Name sister!

The full name of the prince is Georg Alexander Louis .

The boy was named George VI in honor of King George VI – the father of his great-grandmother Elizabeth II, Alexander – in honor of the second name of the queen, who, in turn, received him in honor of her great-great-grandmother – Alexandra Carolina Mary Charlotte Louise Julia of Denmark .

The name Louis is in honor of Louis Mountbatten , a military leader, uncle of Prince Philip. The name Louis is also the fourth name of the boy’s father, the Duke of Cambridge.


Note that in the royal family it is customary to call children by three names, although this rule was violated in relation to George’s father – Prince William (Wilhelm) Arthur Philip Louis – and uncle – Prince Harry (Henry) Charles Albert David .

And the media began to call the young prince George at the suggestion of his parents: in the family circle, the baby is called Georgie .

No. 2. Salute, George!

©Instagram @britishnobility

In honor of the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘s first child, 41 salutes were fired on July 22, 2013.

No. 3. George is a mischievous

©Instagram @kensingtonroyal/@monarchie.britannique

George is a very active child. Prince William once admitted in an interview with reporters that his son is a “little monkey.”

No. 4. The Magnificent Seven

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Prince George has seven godparents from among the relatives and close friends of his parents – the Dukes of Cambridge:

  • Prince William’s cousin, Zara Phillips ;
  • school friend Kate Middleton – Emilia Jardin-Paterson ;
  • William’s friends are Oliver Baker and William Van Cutsem ;
  • personal secretary to Princes William and Harry – Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton ;
  • son of the Duke of Westminster – Hugh Grosvenor ;
  • the friend of William’s mother, Princess Diana, is Julia Samuel .

No. 5. High five!


Pippa Middleton , sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, gave the newborn prince an unexpected gift – silver casts of his hands and feet worth $11,000. Later, her mother, Carol Middleton, pointed out that this is one of the most touching gifts not a christening .

No. 6. Give me a coin!

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Prince George, the Royal Mint issued a commemorative £5 coin (410 rubles). The reverse of the coin depicts Saint George. On the obverse is a profile of Queen Elizabeth II.

© Instagram

And on Prince George’s birthday, July 22, 2013, his parents ordered 2013 special 925 silver commemorative coins from the Royal Mint. They went to families whose children were born on the same day as the heir to the throne. To do this, the parents of the crumbs had the opportunity to apply for a one-pence coin within sixty days. Gift souvenirs for girls were placed in pink bags, for boys – in blue ones.

No. 7. Bye-bye, my boy!

Children's room in the style of © Instagram @officialbeatrixpotter/@mothercareuk/

At a tender age, Prince George slept in a crib inspired by the tales of famous English children’s author Beatrix Potter . She wrote such works as “About Johnny the City Mouse”, “The Tale of Peter the Rabbit”, “The Tailor of Gloucester” and others.

No. 8. victorious

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In the event of a coronation, George will be referred to as George VII.

No. 9. Hello school!


The young prince began school at the age of four. Kate Middleton’s first child is a student at Thomas’s Battersea Private School in southwest London. Note that in the UK, children attend kindergarten until the age of 4-5, then go to primary school. The cost of training the prince is 18 thousand pounds per year (1,500 million rubles).

No. 10. Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all!

Prince George, along with his great-grandmother Elizabeth II, became the subject of the book “Winnie the Pooh and the Royal Birthday”, published in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday.

The author of the work is Jane Riordan . The book takes place in Buckingham Palace, where Winnie the Pooh goes with friends to wish Elizabeth II a happy birthday. Prince George is described in the tale as a little boy who is younger than Christopher Robin and almost as perky as Tigger.


No. 11. House as a gift

As a gift from his grandfather, Prince Charles, George received a small wooden cottage on wheels.

The present is at the residence of Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. When George stays there, he plays in his own house.

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No. 12. You can be a good person…

In 2015, GQ magazine listed Prince George as one of Britain’s 50 Most Stylish Men, ranked 49th. And in 2016, the baby took 20th place in the ranking of the same publication.

© Instagram @gq/@kensingtonroyal

No. 13. boy in pants

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Prince George inspired the British fashion blog What prince George wore, dedicated exclusively to the style of the little prince. Note that the firstborn of the Cambridges wears only shorts.

This is in keeping with the tradition that little boys should not wear long trousers. It originates in the 16th century, when the term “breeching” appeared (derived from the word “breech”, meaning “breeches”). They marked the moment when the boy could start wearing short pants instead of traditional dresses and shirts.

No. 14. Around the world… with dad!

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In 2014, eight-month-old Prince George traveled with his parents, Duke William and Duchess Catherine, on his first official visit. The kid traveled to Australia and New Zealand. Despite the fact that the two heirs to the throne are forbidden by protocol to travel in the same plane, Queen Elizabeth blessed her grandson and great-grandson for a joint flight.

No. 15. Gifts are never enough!

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During the first official tour, Prince George was literally bombarded with a bunch of gifts: there were 706 gifts in total!

No. 16. Pancakes!

Prince George is very fond of pancakes. And also cook cookies with mom. “When I try to bake with George at home, we have chocolate and syrup everywhere,” Kate Middleton said during one of the meetings with pastry chefs.


No. 17. Nanny by inheritance

The first nanny of the young prince was 71-year-old Jessie Web , who raised William himself and his brother Harry.

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No. 18. Special Forces Babysitter

The boy’s current nanny is Maria Borallo , who is of Spanish origin. She not only helps in caring for him, but also teaches the prince Spanish.

No. 19. Superheroes


George’s favorite book is Fireman Sam. And while traveling in a car, the prince listens to an audiobook about the adventures of a mouse and a furry and fanged forest dweller named Gruffalo.

No. 20. Xhr-hr!

It is known that, as a toddler, the prince was a big fan of the Peppa Pig cartoon.

No. 21. Losha-a-a-a-dka!

© Instagram @kensingtonroyal

US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle gave Prince George a white rocking horse during their visit to London in April 2016.

No. 22. home zoo

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Kate Middleton’s son loves animals. The boy has pets: Lupo the Cocker Spaniel and Marvin the Hamster.

No. 23. Kid and… Granny

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At a tender age, Prince George called Queen Elizabeth II ” Gan-Gan ” (Gan-Gan – from greatgrandmother). According to royal biographer Kitty Kelly, the term is often used by children in reference to great-grandmothers. For his beloved great-grandmother, the boy often makes gifts with his own hands.

No. 24. Who is the king? I’m a king?

Prince George is growing up as an ordinary boy and does not know that in the future he may lead the British monarchy. The parents want to give him more time to enjoy his childhood without obligation.

No. 25. Sorry dad…

Prince William and Prince George play football © Instagram @princegeorgecharlottelouis

The birthday boy does not like to play football for the reason that this sport is contact and is pushed. This rejection upsets the Duke of Cambridge, who is the president of the Football Association of Great Britain and an avid football fan .

No. 26. Sa-a-a-plane easily takes me away!

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Prince George likes planes and helicopters. This is hereditary, because the boy’s father is a rescue helicopter pilot. The boy also dreams of becoming a pilot.

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No. 27. Wuthering Heights

The firstborn of the Duke of Cambridge is fascinated by a thunderstorm. The boy likes to listen to thunder and watch flashes of lightning.

No. 28. Philatelist’s dream

In 2016, Prince George was the subject of a new commemorative stamp issued to mark the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. The author of the family portrait is photographer Renald McKechnie.

© Instagram @clarencehouse

No. 29. Whose will you be?

On the boy’s birth certificate, in the “first and last name” column, it is indicated: His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. At school, the boy is known as George Cambridge.

By the way, according to tradition, kings and princes took their surnames from the titles of their parents. Since William bears the title of Duke of Cambridge, Prince George received the surname Cambridge. So at one time, Princes William and Harry were listed in schools under the surname Wales, since their father Charles is the Prince of Wales.

No. 30. To the village, to the wilderness, to Saratov…

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The boy lives with his parents not at all in Buckingham Palace, as many people think, but 160 km from London, in the Anmer Hall mansion on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk County. The cozy mansion built in 1802 has 10 bedrooms, a swimming pool and a tennis court. In this mansion, the young princes William and Harry spent many happy days. Nearby is Sandringham Palace, the Norfolk residence of Elizabeth II, where she traditionally spends Christmas.

Anmer Hall was a gift from the Queen to William and Catherine for their wedding. And now it is a favorite place of the entire Cambridge family.

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