The story of Princess Diana will be a musical

The story of Princess Diana will be a musical

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Princess Diana

It became known that already in 2019 a musical dedicated to the deceased Princess Diana will be staged. Currently, auditions are being held for artists, after the castings, rehearsals will begin, and in February next year, the premiere will take place on the stage of the Mandell Weiss Theater in California.

The plot is based on the life story of Princess Diana since her marriage to Prince Charles of Wales in 1981. The main part of the production will tell about the young Lady Dee, her difficult relationship with her husband and his secret affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

The announcement on the website of the organizing company of the musical La Jolla Playhouse reads:

It’s 1981 and the world is hungry for a royal wedding! But is the 20-year-old bride ready for what will happen after the wedding? Princess Diana is facing a chilling husband, an inescapable monarchy and overwhelming media attention. But her modern views, amazing sensitivity and compassion revitalize the nation, even if it threatens the royal family in England.

No word yet on who will star in the musical, but writer Joe DiPietro has hinted that their creative team is on the lookout for an artist with a “fresh and strong voice.” Auditions are currently underway, after which rehearsals will begin. The musical will be directed by renowned theater director and Tony Award winner Christopher Ashley .

The premiere will take place on February 19, 2019 and will last until March 31, 2019. Pre-sale tickets were released in May, but they were immediately sold out. The next batch of tickets is expected in July.

There were 23 original songs written for the musical. “I gave different musical characters: Diana – pop-rock, the royal family – a string quartet, paparazzi – punk guitars, and we try to make all these roles “get along” with each other,” said one of the authors David Bryan.

It is not yet known for sure whether the musical “Diana” will be brought to London and other cities, but after a successful release in California, theatergoers have every chance to see it even in Moscow!

Would you like to see the musical “Diana”?

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