The story of how a cat lived for 165 years

The story of how a cat lived for 165 years

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Many wonder: how did a plumber without a veterinary education manage to achieve such a high life expectancy in cats?

Indeed, the case is unique. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest cat on our planet named Creme Puff lived to be 38 years old. Its owner was Jake Perry from Austin, Texas (USA).

Jake Perry, owner of long-lived cats Creme Puff was born August 3, 1967 and died August 6, 2005. According to veterinarians, the secret of the longevity of this murka was in a special diet.

In addition to store-bought dry food, Jake Perry fed the cat a breakfast of eggs, turkey, broccoli, coffee with cream, and a few drops of red wine every other day. He made sure that the cat did not get bored – in the garage he equipped a cinema hall with a reel-to-reel projector and chairs from a real cinema.

Animals, and Jake Perry had a lot of them, watched documentaries about nature. At Christmas, the loving owner took his pets for a ride on a small electric train that ran around his house.

long-lived cat

It is known that Perry also invited US President Bill Clinton to the birthday of one of his pets. The head of state did not pay a visit, but sent a postcard to the birthday man.

Interestingly, the name of the long-lived cat was immortalized in the literature. Novelist Barbara Bradley wrote Once Upon A Hunch, a novel featuring Cream Puff as one of the characters.

Who cares about people like that! Maybe the retirement age would have been abolished altogether: what?

In the photo: Long-lived cat Krim Poof (lived 38 human years or 165 “feline” years); Jake Perry and another pet who lived to be 34 years old.

Photo: Atlas Obscura