The son of Agnia Ditkovskite "swallowed a tangle"

The son of Agnia Ditkovskite "swallowed a tangle"

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Actress Agniya Ditkovskite shared a video on her microblog that can be called a recipe for a good mood. On it, little Fedor laughs out loud and plays the whistle – the favorite pastime of the kids.

The actress commented on this video like this:

“My life !!!! Air !!!!”

Recall that Fedor was born in the marriage of Agnia Ditkovskite with actor Alexei Chadov . The couple broke up a year after the baby was born. However, for the sake of their son, Agnia and Alexei managed to maintain a warm relationship.

According to the actress, she and the ex-husband are doing everything so that little Fedor does not feel a lack of attention from his parents.

And, as you can see in the video, the baby is in a great mood and is not bored at all.

Does your child have a whistle like Fyodor’s?

Photo: Instagram