The singer's daughter Jasmine harvested a large crop of apples

The singer's daughter Jasmine harvested a large crop of apples

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Singer Jasmine loves to show the everyday life of her smart daughter Margarita on her personal blog. From the latter, the artist and her daughter boasted of a rich apple harvest. And the girl even told in detail what can be made from apples!

©Instagram @jasmin

I’ve collected how many apples to cook a medic out of them, some kind of tea from apples, you can even cook a delicious compote or a baked apple …

As a result, we settled on compote, which was cooked by the whole family: Jasmine with two children Margarita and Miron.

The most delicious grows at home 😊 We picked apples and cooked compote with Margarita and Mironchik 😌 At the same time, Miron had the most honorable mission, according to the children, for which my kids fought a little – to add sugar 😄

©Instagram @ margaritashor
©Instagram @jasmin /@ margaritashor

Daughter Jasmine is starting kindergarten this year, so the little girl’s schedule is about to get even busier.

After all , Margarita is seriously engaged in gymnastics and is making great strides in this matter. This year, the young athlete took 2nd place in rhythmic gymnastics competitions.

Margarita’s younger brother does not lag behind his sister and began to learn English.

And in his free time, 2-year-old Miron devotes time to sports.

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Tell me, do your kids love helping you cook in the kitchen?

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Announcement photo: ©Instagram @ jasmin /@ margaritashor