The secret is revealed: how Kate Middleton lost weight after giving birth

The secret is revealed: how Kate Middleton lost weight after giving birth

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How Kate Middleton lost weight

The wife of Prince William has repeatedly shocked the public with her appearance on the threshold of the hospital. The main question that worried everyone at these moments: how does she manage to look so good after giving birth ?! However, even now: a little more than 7 weeks have passed, and the duchess has already returned to her previous form . After three pregnancies, her figure is perfect, as if Kate Middleton never gave birth.

At last weekend’s charity polo tournament, Kate looked incredibly slim , and her belted dress perfectly emphasized her changed figure and thin waist. Not to mention how the Duchess of Cambridge looked in a soft azure dress during the Trooping the Color parade in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

This was noticed by the entire public, without leaving the appearance of Kate Middleton without comment. Midwife Laura Speiser from the Women’s Health Clinic said that some new mothers manage to quickly return to shape, which depends not only on nutrition and exercise, but on good genes.

“Some women can easily go back to their pre-pregnancy weight, especially when it’s in their genes. If the mother is healthy, and the pregnancy proceeded safely and with a normal BMI, then after childbirth, the body, as a rule, quickly comes into shape.”

She also added that such a quick recovery of the duchess is probably due to proper nutrition: “Remove from the diet those foods that the body“ requires ”after childbirth. When breastfeeding, you especially want carbohydrates and something tasty – the body is looking for extra calories. If you can restrain yourself, opt for healthy snacks and balanced wholesome dinners, then you are likely to lose the gained weight faster.

And although Kate Middleton herself does not make any official statements about her figure, it is known that even after the birth of George, in 2013, the well-known fitness and health expert Louise Parker worked with her. She has developed her own methodology and has been working with people for over 20 years, helping them change their bodies. According to the star trainer, a third of her clients are young mothers. Based on her experience, Louise does not recommend that women immediately start losing weight after giving birth in any way possible.

At first, the body needs to rest and recover after nine months of such a serious load. Experienced mothers know that every pregnancy causes damage to the body. Therefore, after childbirth, it is especially important to give yourself the opportunity to relax and try to get enough sleep.

“It’s not easy for people who are always in the public eye,” she says. “Yes, they have the resources, a whole support team in the form of nutritionists and personal trainers, but in the end they still have to do this work on themselves.”


Many doctors recommend that new mothers wait six weeks before resuming exercise and sports. You should also return to them gradually so that the body gets used to it after a long break.

“Exercise is important, but there is no need for long, high-intensity workouts. I do not believe in the benefits and effectiveness of grueling workouts after childbirth. Anything too aggressive can only aggravate the situation and the emotional state of the mother, says the athlete, who herself suffered from postpartum depression and coped with it with the help of walking. “You need to practice, but little by little, gradually increasing the pace.”

The most suitable fitness plan for a new mom is cardio (like walking) and light weight training for the upper body. You can do exercises every day while walking with a stroller: this will help not only strengthen the heart muscle and lose extra pounds, but also give the body the opportunity to gradually “enter the mode”.

“Your body should gradually recover from pregnancy. The most important thing is posture. Watch how you sit and walk. The best place to start is to strengthen your upper back and heart,” says Louise Parker, who recommends a rather gentle cardio-sculpting method in this case.

“This is a very effective way, during which you train muscles and burn fat at the same time. Instead of regular squats, try doing exercises for the arms, back muscles or neck muscles.

“Finding time for sports is never easy,” mother-of-three Louise Parker knows from her own experience. “But if you strive every day for this, you will be able to gradually enter the regimen and exercise 3-4 times a week.”

Kate Middleton herself spends a lot of time with children in the fresh air, walks, runs: she is always on the move. Not to mention the fact that one of the children is always in her arms, so the load on her arms and back is constant.


Star trainer Louise Parker is sure that a strict diet is absolutely contraindicated for young mothers. In the first time after childbirth, the body recovers from major hormonal changes, so you should not deprive it of nutrients. A balanced diet consisting of healthy and “clean” foods is what helps to restore the body even during breastfeeding.

Parker recommends having three main meals and two snacks:

“We completely destroy the “white” and “fast” carbohydrates until we reach the goal. These include white bread and pastries, sugar and sweets, and carbonated drinks. As a healthy breakfast , you can choose porridge or regular muesli with bran, adding berries or fruits to them. For lunch , lean meat or chicken with a side dish of legumes or vegetables, and for dinner , meat or fish steak with a light vegetable salad. Smoothies, light snacks like hummus with crackers, oatmeal cookies, or fresh fruit and vegetable wedges are great snacks .”

Prince William’s wife’s diet

In an interview with one of the culinary magazines, Kensington Palace chef Caroline Robb spoke about the Duchess’s favorite dishes. When the wife of Prince William needs to get rid of extra pounds, she goes on a special diet for a while (according to rumors, Meghan Markle also lost weight on it before the wedding).

The basic principles of Kate’s diet:

  • There are many salads and greens;
  • Replace sweet flour desserts with fruits (for example, watermelon salad);
  • There are many vegetables in the form of salads, ceviche, gazpacho;
  • Replace cow’s milk with almond milk;
  • Replace meat protein with spirulina;
  • Keep track of portion sizes
  • Allow yourself “sweets” during the day, but in limited quantities;
  • Drink plenty of smoothies and organic juices.

Also, the Duchess simply loves the Indian vegetarian curry of potatoes, black lentils, spinach and cauliflower (she ate it during pregnancy and after).

Kate Middleton’s favorite green smoothie

Smoothie Kate Middleton


  • ¾ cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • ½ cup chopped kale
  • ½ cup chopped lettuce
  • 1 st. spoon of spirulina
  • ¼ cup coriander
  • 1 ½ water

How to cook:

Mix all ingredients in a blender. Serve garnished with a few blueberries.

Louise Parker says that on the way to the body of your dreams, many people become literally obsessed with numbers and count every gram, which is not very good for the body and psyche:

“Just make sure you do your best. Even if today it was just a long walk and a relaxing bath, everything you do has a cumulative effect.”

Tell us, how did you manage to get in shape after giving birth?

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