The one-year-old son of the star of "Voices" became interested in … reading

The one-year-old son of the star of "Voices" became interested in … reading

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All stories about babies begin with the fact that it becomes quiet in the nursery. Something like this and commented on the video with the participation of her little son Yulia Belyaeva . A young mother captured an amusing moment for a family story when little Semyon , who turned one year old in May, does not play with toys, does not roll a typewriter, but examines a book, sitting comfortably on an armchair.

The video gathered a large number of enthusiastic comments: “Fathers!!! He is already reading!!!”, “Semyon is in the library”, “Such a smart guy! Read books to him every day before going to bed, the key to great success!

“Reading” is not the only skill of baby Semyon. Most recently, the baby pleased his parents with a fantastic breakthrough in development. “The seed went …) and even managed to run away from the house once .. go out for a walk in the yard .. on his own, barefoot, while no one sees, he began to eat with a fork and spoon, calling me loudly ‘maaam, maaamaaaa’)) and that’s all it’s such a thrill)) I’m quickly sharing it with you while the little one is chasing the ball, ” Yulia Belyaeva, happy and inspired by the success of her son, shared with subscribers.

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Recall that the star of the show “Voice” Anton Belyaev and his wife became parents in the spring of 2017. The couple could not agree on a name for their son for a long time. And when we settled on Semyon, they immediately came up with options for it – Simon, Semyoshka, Shimon …

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What new achievements does your child have this summer?

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