The main principles of the royal standard of education

The main principles of the royal standard of education

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Kate Middleton gave birth to her second son on April 23, the newborn weighed 3.8 kg. The official status of the child is Prince of the United Kingdom. The boy was named Louis Arthur Charles. This is the third child in the royal family and he is fifth in line for the British crown.

The royal family has long traditions and high principles of raising children.

High status is not a reason to be lazy.
The royal family has one nanny. Children should be able to clean up after themselves.

Respect for other people’s work .
Other people’s work should be appreciated.

Family always comes first .
The older children take care of the younger ones. Children know the history of the family.

A good education is a must .
This is a way to raise a well-rounded and critical thinker.

Good manners .
Knowledge of etiquette and good behavior is a must.

You can’t beat children .
Violence is unacceptable, one must be able to use other opportunities for educational influence.

Children are not allowed to use electronic gadgets .
Children need to be in contact with real world objects and other people. Moreover, you can not conduct social networks.

Neutrality in politics .
To be at an equal distance to all political currents for greater objectivity.

Reasonable consumption .
The children even wear the clothes of other royal predecessors. Saving is an important skill and norm in life.