The good old jump rope: 4 interesting facts

The good old jump rope: 4 interesting facts

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skipping rope

We continue to tell interesting facts about our favorite things. Historians have two versions of the origin of the rope. The first, originating in foggy Albion, seems sad to us, so we will not talk about it. But the second – with pleasure.

…During the work associated with the manufacture of ropes, the Chinese constantly had to jump over their products. The children found this activity to be fun, and they began to jump with their parents. So that the kids do not interfere , they were given separate ropes – especially for jumping.

jump rope

They played jump rope in the 19th century . Young ladies in magnificent dresses, with high hairstyles jumped over the rope with no less pleasure than modern girls do.

jump rope

jump rope

In the 19th century, professional athletes, in particular boxers, drew attention to the rope. They still use it in training to this day. Even Mohammed Ali used it more than once in preparation for fights!

Mohammed Ali with a jump rope

In the 80s of the twentieth century, jumping rope received a new name – skipping . This sport became widespread, and later rope skipping appeared – jumping rope with the performance of various tricks. The most spectacular is double dutch , when two athletes twist a couple of ropes, and one or more jump over them. The main thing is not to get confused!

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Now skipping is often performed to music, transforming ordinary jumping rope into a dance – break dance , c-walk or rock ‘n’ roll . Looks very cool!

By the way, in China skipping is still one of the most popular ways to keep fit. Michelle Obama probably knew about this when she took up the rope during a visit to the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese did not hide their admiration!

Michelle Obama with jump rope

This is the story of the most ordinary jump rope. Does your child like to jump over it?

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