The game is in their blood: football players and their children

The game is in their blood: football players and their children

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Igor Akinfeev with their sons

We waited! The 2018 FIFA World Cup that everyone has been waiting for has started. The players are getting ready for the upcoming matches with excitement, and their biggest fans, the children, are also experiencing with them! In honor of the opening of the Championship, we have made a selection of photos of famous football players with the main “support group” – their sons.

They say that for football players the main love is football. On the field, perhaps. But outside of it, many of them have something more valuable and dear – a family and children. However, in football families, one is almost inseparable from the other, because wives with children often accompany their famous dads to matches and support them from the stands.

Many football players who are so tough and stubborn in the game, in life, on the contrary, are kind and loving fathers who spend their free time with their offspring and are not at all shy about posting joint photos on social networks.

Needless to say, these boys have football in their blood! They joke about them that being born in the family of a football player means being born with a soccer ball. And although not everyone will later become footballers, some still take an example from their fathers and go to big sport.

Cristiano Ronaldo will soon have his own mini-team. In the photo: together with the eldest son – Christian Jr.

Lionel Messi has three future champions – Thiago, Matteo and Ciro

This blond young god is the son of Neymar – David Lucca

Luis Suarez has harmony and balance: son Benjamin and daughter Delphine

Three people always support Gerard Pique: the beautiful wife Shakira and sons Milan and Sasha

Mini-copies of Marcelo – the sons of Enzo and Liam

Dmitry Poloz with his son Matvey

Robert Zobnin is all like his father: he also flaunts a fashionable haircut

The whole Samedov team is here! With sons Bogdan and Ilya

Yuri Zhirkov with his youngest son Daniel

Segey Ignashevich has another team of his own: he is the happy father of four sons: Roman, Dmitry, Sergey and Timofey. In the photo: with younger children.

The captain of the Russian national football team Igor Akinfeev rarely appears in public with children. In the photo: with his son Daniel

Support your favorite team and players and strengthen family bonds by watching matches together!

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