The first minutes of the baby: after childbirth

The first minutes of the baby: after childbirth

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Baby's first minutes

Just a few seconds ago, this little man was not yet, and now he blinks and looks at his mother, who has been waiting for him for nine months. We have collected photos that, without photo editors, show the first moments of the beginning of a new life.

Hello baby!

How beautiful he is!

Hello everyone!

That moment when dad can cry

…me too!

I’m happyaaaaa!

Darling, now there are three of us

How much I love you

Now everything is assembled

I’m afraid to even breathe near

The best tears are tears of happiness

I’m so tired… And so happy!

He is so beautiful!

Oh, mother, did I catch you?

Well, I don’t want to smile, I’ve just been born. Everything is different here

They say I’m premature? And I’m already big!

Mom, I’m only 28 weeks now. But everything will be ho-ro-sho!

And who is here with us?


Maybe it’s … sleep?

So what, that shaggy?! I am a mother!

Do you remember the first minutes after the birth of your baby?

Photo: Instagram