The cutest dumbbells: moms showed how to get in shape without the gym

The cutest dumbbells: moms showed how to get in shape without the gym

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Fitness at home

Young mothers are often upset because they do not have enough time and budget for sports. But if you have a child, then you don’t need to go to the fitness room! After all, the main “inventory” is always at hand. Yes, we are talking about your child. This was clearly proved by the mother of three children (or, as she herself says, “thrice a mother in sports”) Olga Baikina and her friends.

Don’t believe? And we are not joking! And we have chosen for you excellent exercisesthat you can perform with the baby in your arms. Moreover, anywhere: at home, in the country, on the beach, on a walk. Please note: you need to do them with maximum concentration on the child – so as not to drop.

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The advantage of exercising with a baby in your arms:

  • there is always time for sports (you will definitely find 5–10 minutes between cooking porridge , changing a diaper, feeding and going to bed);
  • no need to spend precious minutes or hours on the road to the fitness center;
  • there is no need to ask dad to sit with the baby;
  • you set the right example for your child: he has a sports mother.
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What and how to do

No. 1. This set of exercises can be performed both on a home chair and on a beach lounger during your vacation.

No. 2. Use an ordinary ladder instead of a simulator

No. 3. Squats with the best “weight”

These three exercises will allow you to strengthen your buttocks, make your calves thinner, your hips slimmer, and your tummy and arms perfect without buying a subscription to a fitness center!

Are you planning to play sports with a baby in your arms?

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