Tatyana Tereshina spoke frankly about pregnancy

Tatyana Tereshina spoke frankly about pregnancy

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Tatyana Tereshina spoke about pregnancy

Singer Tatyana Tereshina decided not to hide the events that take place in her personal life. First there was news about the upcoming wedding, then a photo with an eloquent hint of pregnancy: “There is still half a term left to rewind and go on a diet.” And now in Tereshina’s microblog, a frank story about how the expectant mother and her fiancé found out about her situation.

Me and my mr. Gray went to my one friend’s birthday. The evening was wonderful. I was drinking white wine, when suddenly, closer to midnight, I felt something in the lower abdomen. I can’t pinpoint exactly what. Like a spasm. But something very familiar. I decided that it was probably the time of the “Red Army”, but then I quickly doubted it. Painfully, it looked like something else. My beloved and I began to calculate. We sat with a smart look at the holiday and tried to add the numbers to my cycle (what else to do at a friend’s birthday?). But no matter how hard we tried, nothing worked. We absolutely forgot #whatwherewhenever I had and finally getting confused in the numbers, I delivered a verdict)). With some strange spasms of mine, we took our suspicious “stomach” urgently home.

Tatyana Tereshina with her fiancé Oleg © Instagram @tanya_tereshina

At home, after sitting over it, my Oleg could not stand it and rushed to the pharmacy. Oh, what a face he had when I showed these brightest two stripes! That’s what should have been filmed in stories)). After some shock euphoric pause, we stood silently and smiled looking at each other, and then hugged and I realized that I made someone very happy. Further Uzi and so on. By the way, the deadline was decent already))). It’s just that someone lost their orientation in time and space due to feelings, and that’s fine, – (author’s spelling and punctuation).

© Instagram @tanya_tereshina

The singer knows the gender of the unborn baby, but she will not share this news yet. Note that Tatyana Tereshina prefers not to talk about the groom and father of the unborn child, calling him in her microblog mr. Gray or just by name – Oleg .

How did you know you were expecting a baby?

Photo: Instagram @tanya_tereshina