Tasty and healthy: 7 compotes for children and adults

Tasty and healthy: 7 compotes for children and adults

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In the summer heat, refreshing compotes are always welcome, children drink them with pleasure. In this article, we have collected the most delicious compote recipes, among which there are very unusual ones.

How to cook compote? Easily! Prepare and rinse fruits or berries thoroughly, then pour enough water over them and bring to a boil. Add sugar to taste and turn off the heat. Remember that you will always have time to add sugar, but making a compote that is too sweet and sour is much more difficult. It is better to serve compote chilled, although this drink is very tasty when warm!

Assorted berry compote

For this compote, you can use any berries that you have: raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, currants. Compote will become more fragrant if, after boiling, add a couple of mint leaves to it.

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apple compote

All varieties of apples are suitable for apple compote. Peel them, cut into large slices, remove the seeds and the stalk.

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Compote of apricots and peaches

This compote always turns out incredibly tender and fragrant. And since apricots and peaches are very soft fruits, it cooks quickly.

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plum compote

When preparing this compote, be sure to remove the seeds from the plums: they can spoil the taste of the drinkby adding bitterness to it.

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Blackberry and raspberry compote

This compote will become your favorite. Fragrant, tasty and mega-useful! It cooks very quickly, because the berries are the most tender.

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Gooseberry compote with mint

Many of those who have already prepared this compote call it “gooseberry mojito”. Try it too. You need to cook gooseberries, add a little sugar and 2-3 mint leaves after boiling.

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Rhubarb compote

Exotic? Perhaps, and yet be sure to try to cook this compote! Remove the skin from the rhubarb and cut into small pieces. Boil for 10 minutes, add sugar and cool.

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What compotes do you cook?

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