Tablet or health? Harm from gadgets for babies

Tablet or health? Harm from gadgets for babies

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The popular author and pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky once again raised a hot topic in his blog, where he spoke about the conclusions made by the staff of the Center for Autistic Children in Romania. According to the given data, up to 90% of children 2-3 years old, suffering from autism or other similar disorders, at a young age had unlimited access to the World Wide Web, television and electronic devices.

According to Komarovsky, even for an adult, only about 5 hours of television or the Internet a day can be considered “safe”. But for those who are not even two years old, acquaintance with virtual reality is very dangerous. In the blog, the pediatrician cites the conclusions of the Romanian scientist Marius Zamfir, who claims that the symptoms of traditional and gadget-acquired autism are exactly the same. Only in the first case we are talking about the biological underdevelopment of the nervous system, and in the second – about the destruction of the full-fledged neurodevelopment of a healthy baby under the influence of the virtual world. A flickering screen, a bright picture and unusual sounds enslave the child’s attention, the world around him is no longer interested in him, he becomes directly dependent on the gadget, ignoring communication with other people. This slows down the development of speech (the baby does not perceive electronic speech as the speech of a living person), increases fatigue and provokes attacks of aggression.

If uncontrolled access to technology led to changes, the damage can be compensated. To do this, it is necessary to exclude destructive contact and replace it with live communication with parents and other relatives. Plus, you will need a corrective development program.

Doctors recommend up to three years to completely exclude the technique from the field of view of children. From three to six years old – limit viewing to an hour a day, and from six to 12 years old – to two hours.