Sweet dreams: Anastasia Strizhenova with her son

Sweet dreams: Anastasia Strizhenova with her son

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The eldest daughter of Ekaterina and Alexander Strizhenov became a mother for the first time in early April of this year. 30-year-old Anastasia Strizhenova and her husband Peter had a son, who was also named Peter .

Since then, the young mother’s blog has been regularly updated with touching photos featuring the smallest member of the family.

In a fresh picture, 3-month-old Petya is sleeping, and his mother is guarding his sweet dream.

Anastasia Strizhenova with her son Petya

Under such a tender picture and comments are all very touching:

I’m melting with tenderness!

“Cute, sleeping children are the sweetest and most aching happiness inside when you look at them))))”

Don’t take your eyes off the photo! So cozy!!!!

Petya Petrovich, as the parents call their son, has already met his famous grandparents.

When the baby does not sleep, he shows his character.

Anastasia Strizhenova with her son

Recall that Anastasia is married to financier Peter Grishchenko . The couple will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary in August.

Anastasia Strizhenova with her husband Peter and son

Do you love taking pictures of your sleeping children?

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Photo: instagram/anastasia_strizhenova