Surprise: Oleg Gazmanov's wife showed a gift for his birthday

Surprise: Oleg Gazmanov's wife showed a gift for his birthday

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Oleg Gazmanov is 67 years old. The wife of a popular performer has prepared a unique gift: a portrait of the singer, created by friends of a couple that is one of the strongest on our stage.

In her microblog , Marina Muravyova-Gazmanova published a video with the process of creating a portrait, accompanied by a poem. We publish an excerpt:

I know that at 75 you will be singing and composing;
Download music from the depths of the universe.
And looking into the hall you will know
That they are not in vain with you again.
And you, as before, will not let anyone get bored.
Happy birthday our Ecumenical
Lit! So that there is enough urine and desire for everything!
We love, we are proud!
It can be seen that the Creator is pleased with the plot.

Marina congratulated her beloved husband, wishing him ” strength and health, creative torment” and an incredible feeling of life. And she finished with the words:

You have already written, perhaps, about everything <...> Only you don’t have a birthday song! I wish that the muse visited you! Reveal to the world such a song to hook the hearts!

© Instagram @marinagazmanova

Recall that not so long ago, an unusual gift-portrait was also taught by Prince Harry and Megan Makrl . It is a pity that, unlike Marina Gazmanova, the fan of the royal couple did not capture the process of creating a masterpiece.

Photo: Instagram @marinagazmanova