Summer hit: do-it-yourself colored strands!

Summer hit: do-it-yourself colored strands!

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The fashion for colored strands this summer has declared itself very loudly. But dyeing and coloring are not the beauty procedures that little girls need. Yes, and tresses are not suitable for small fidgets. Therefore, needlewomen came up with an alternative solution – they create colored locks from satin ribbons.

They look flirtatious in a hairstyle and adorn simple ponytails…

…and braids.

If you like this accessory, make it yourself!

Materials and tools:

  • satin ribbons of different shades up to 3 cm wide
  • scissors
  • needle
  • silk threads
  • narrow hair band


  1. Measure the tape to the desired length. If the lock for a ponytail is along the length of the hair, if for a braid it is 1.5 times longer.
  2. Gather and sew one end of the ribbons of the desired shade to the hair band. Unravel the ribbons from the other end. You need to do this carefully so that the tapes, which are already more like the finest hairs, do not get tangled.

The main thing in such strands on hairpins is the combination of colors.

Alternatively, the resulting strands can be braided

Would you like these hairpins for your daughter?

Photo: Instagram/modniy_bantik, Instagram/bandbru.braids, Instagram/svetlana_master123, Instagram/gorodmasterov_kz, Instagram/volginajuli9ukrasheniahandmade, Instagram/elbrillobows, Instagram/horosheva_olya