Statisticians calculated how much money happiness

Statisticians calculated how much money happiness

24.05.2022 0 By admin

In March of this year, the private domestic holding Romir, which conducts marketing and socio-economic surveys, and is also a member of the international research association Gallup International in Russia and the CIS countries, asked our compatriots a very simple question: how much money is needed for a “normal life” ? » a family of three. That is, for mom, dad and one child.

About 1,500 people aged 18 and older were involved in the survey – from megacities and small rural settlements of our country.

The financial expectations of the first and second turned out to be different, but not as much as it might seem at first glance.

It turned out that “normal life” is possible:

  • for residents of cities with a population of over a million people – with an income of 91.6 thousand rubles;
  • in cities with a population of less than half a million people – with an income of 80 thousand rubles;
  • in the “outback” – with an income of 61.5 thousand rubles.

The same survey showed that they consider themselves wealthy:

  • 66% – with income from 45 to 120 thousand rubles per month;
  • 21% – and with an income of 21 to 45 thousand rubles a month.
  • 13% – with income over 120 thousand rubles.

With the help of a simple mathematical manipulation, the researchers deduced the average monthly cost of a “normal life” – for a Russian family of three:

75 thousand 900 rubles, that is, 25 thousand per person.

Recall that according to official statistics, the average salary in our country ranges from 16-17 thousand rubles in central Russia and a number of republics to 50-60 thousand rubles in Moscow and resource-producing regions. At the same time, according to VTsIOM, half of our compatriots are satisfied with their standard of living.