Star students: where the children of celebrities study

Star students: where the children of celebrities study

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The summer flew by like one moment, and school graduates became students. The children of many celebrities are getting used to their new student status. We found out who will become a certified specialist in 5-6 years and in what area.

Alexandra, daughter of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov

The youngest daughter of the star couple Ekaterina and Alexander Strizhenov fulfilled her dream and became a student at the Higher School of Modern Social Sciences of Moscow State University. On this occasion, her famous mother wrote in her microblog on Instagram:

For the first time in 12 years, we did not take our youngest daughter to school! Like all graduates, Alexandra spent the whole summer taking the exam and entrance exams to the institute … And finally, all the excitement is behind us – our daughter is a student at Moscow State University! Sashulya @strizs, enjoy your studies – it’s your choice, and this is the most interesting and eventful time when everything depends on you!

© Instagram @strizhenovae
© Instagram @strizhenovae , @strizs

Alexandra, daughter of Tatyana Navka and Alexander Zhulin

The successor of Alexander Zhulin and Tatyana Navka, after the summer holidays, became a freshman at the Faculty of International Economic Relations at MGIMO. However, so far there are no first student photos on the girl’s personal blog. Alexandra is clearly nostalgic for the holidays she spent, including in Paris.

© Instagram @tatiana_navka
© Instagram @sashazhulina , @sashazhulina

Artem, son of Olga Orlova

The son of singer Olga Orlova became a student at the Faculty of Management and Politics at MGIMO. It trains specialists responsible for planning, implementing, supporting and monitoring international projects in the field of economy, culture, sports, etc.

© Instagram @olgaorlova1311
© Instagram @olgaorlova1311

Eva, daughter of Lolita Milyavskaya and Alexander Tsekalo

The only daughter of the performer will not study in Russia. Lolita shared with her subscribers the news that her “Mermaid entered the philological faculty at the Warsaw Institute” .

© Instagram @lolitamilyavskaya
© Instagram @lolitamilyavskaya , @lolitamilyavskaya

Andrey, son of Anna Mikhalkova

The son of actress Anna Mikhalkova and the successor of the famous dynasty decided not to connect his life with cinema. It is known that Andrei Bakov is studying at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University.

© Instagram @anikiti4na
© Instagram @anikiti4na , @anikiti4na

Anita, granddaughter of Joseph Kobzon

The representative of the star family, Anita Kobzon, entered the Faculty of Law at Moscow State University. Despite the fact that before the girl performed in a duet with her famous grandfather more than once, she decided not to connect her life with creativity.

Iosif Kobzon's granddaughters - Anita and Michelle - sing with him at a concert dedicated to the artist's 80th birthday © Youtube
© Instagram @anita_kobzon
© Instagram @anita_kobzon

Eva, daughter of Grigory Leps

The daughter of the famous performer Grigory Leps, Eva Lepsveridze, became a student at the Faculty of Journalism of MGIMO. The girl spent the summer holidays, preceding her studies at the Faculty of Journalism, actively and productively. For example, she performed at the music festival “Heat”.

© Instagram @eva_leps
© Instagram @eva_leps , @eva_leps

Stephanie, daughter of Dmitry and Elena Malikov

The daughter of the popular performer Dmitry Malikov this year moved to the second year of the journalism faculty of MGIMO.

Four couples a day,” the girl told about her schedule.

© Instagram @steshamalikova
© Instagram @steshamalikova , @steshamalikova

Mikhail, son of the singer Jasmine

The eldest son of the performer is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of International Economic Relations of MGIMO. The young man refused a budget place, although successfully passed exams allowed him to continue his studies for free.

© Instagram @jasmin

His star mother told about this to the online edition

The son initially entered the budget place. But he refused to study for free, asking me to pay for his studies. He said that we can afford it, and he wants to give the opportunity to get a free education to those guys who do not have the opportunity to study for a fee. I was very indignant, and grandfather especially shouted. In the end, I had to support the boy. I worked very hard, so I can afford to pay for my son’s education.

© Instagram @jasmin , @jasmin

Sofiko, daughter of Valery Meladze

The middle daughter of Valery Meladze Sofiko studies at the Faculty of International Relations of the Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of MGIMO. It trains future specialists in the field of energy diplomacy and geopolitics, international energy cooperation.

© Instagram @sofikomeladze
© Instagram @sofikomeladze , @sofikomeladze

Melania, daughter of Tina Kandelaki

The daughter of the famous TV presenter Tina Kadelaki Melania decided to follow in the footsteps of her star mom and studies at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. In the first days of her studies, the girl shared a student photo, accompanying it with a concise comment: “Hello.”

© Instagram @tina_kandelaki
© Instagram @tina_kandelaki , @melaniakondrahina

Sonya, daughter of Vera Brezhneva

Sonya Kiperman decided to connect her life with creativity, so she is a student at the American educational institution Ojai Valley School, where students study drawing, music theory and composition, vocals, photography, costume design, graphic design, film and sculpture.

© Instagram @ververa
© Instagram @ververa , @ververa

Dmitry, son of Inna Malikova

Dmitry Malikov Jr. studied in France. The young man mastered the culinary arts and the basics of organizing the restaurant business at the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse university. But now he is studying in Geneva: from a culinary university he moved to the university of management and management, according to his mother , “he is receiving a more general education – management, management, business, administration.”

© Instagram @innamalikova
© Instagram @d_malikov , @d_malikov

Alexandra, daughter of Slava

The daughter of the singer Slava became a second-year student at the Schepkin School. As a star mother, the girl decided to connect her life with the stage. In addition to studying, the girl takes an active part in photo shoots and even played one of the roles in the video of her star mother “Red”.

© Instagram @alexandrawinter
© Instagram @alexandrawinter , @alexandrawinter

Denis, son of Christina Orbakaite

Alla Pugacheva’s grandson, Denis Baysarov, is studying the basics of business at one of the leading British universities. The family does not disclose the name of the educational institution.

© Instagram @_denny_denny_

Maria, daughter of Yulia Bordovskikh

The 19-year-old daughter of TV presenter Yulia Bordovskikh began her studies at a prestigious college in New York. The girl already has the experience of living away from her family: before starting her student life, Maria was educated at a school with an artistic bias, which was also located in the United States.
“How important is the present with such an attitude towards the future,” commented her star mother on her blog about a photo of an inspired new student.

Yulia Bordovskikh's daughter went to college in New York © Instagram @bordeaux_julia
Julia Bordovskikh with her eldest daughter Marusya © Instagram @bordeaux_julia

Erica, stepdaughter of Ivan Urgant

With the daughter of his wife Natalia from his first marriage, TV presenter Ivan Urgant has an excellent relationship. He treats the girl as if he were his own and is proud of her success.

Erica studies at the famous Parsons School of Design in New York, where the eldest son of the Beckham couple, Brooklyn, studied photography . Studied fashion, painting and photography. In her blog, the student shared her experience with future applicants:

“One of the most important elements of admission is an electronic portfolio, where you need to post 15 of your works. It doesn’t matter if it’s a photograph, video, sculpture or watercolor painting. I had several works that I immediately put in my portfolio, but I still had to do more. A lot of time and effort has been put into making my work look perfect in my eyes, to reflect who I am and how I see the world. Then I had to write about 16 different essays.”

Ivan Urgant with family © Instagram @ urgantcom /@ e_ttg

Are you nostalgic for your student years?

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