Star families in the country: in flowers, cucumbers and … Christmas trees

Star families in the country: in flowers, cucumbers and … Christmas trees

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Stars with children in the country

Summer is a great time. In summer cottages, vitamins of their own production ripen, flower beds delight with a variety of flower shades. And this beauty is created by the stars of Russian show business. Yes, with your own hands! They then take pictures and post them on social media.

Anita Tsoi and her first harvest

Summer is the height of the summer season, diligent housewives prepare vegetables and fruits, saving them for the winter. Anita Tsoi is no exception, she is an experienced gardener. She herself plants peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and then harvests and shares photos with her country records. A series of photos in the style of “I’m in the garden” opens with a picture that is signed like this:

Gathered cucumbers and the first crop of peppers

Andrey Merzlikin grew hefty cucumbers

But this is a surprise: the actor Andrey Merzlikin is also a gardener. You can envy the harvest in his photo! But, judging by the question of a celebrity, the wife of the artist Anna still manages the greenhouse. Otherwise, Merzlikin would not have been interested: “Who knows what they need to be “watered” and fed now? And then the wife flew away on vacation!

Christina Orbakaite’s daughter announced a fight against weeds

Dacha life also captivates the daughter of Christina Orbakaite . Young Claudia Zemtsova even mastered garden tools – a chopper.

Flowers, vegetables… Here are the birds – that’s the thing!

While many stars grow vegetables, the singer Varvara breeds … ducks.

Breathe deeply, you are in the country

TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya creates an excellent environment in her country house. And her assistants in this are coniferous trees.

Watering is a big deal!

The son of Agnia Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov is growing up as a real gardener. Apparently, while Fedor ideally mastered watering. What will be next?

When he grew up to … a watering can

The son of Evelina Bledans, Semyon , is also not averse to watering flower beds and garden beds. True, he prefers a watering can to a hose. Yes, what a huge, it is almost to his waist!

strawberry mood

Harvesting is a pleasant, but not so easy task if the garden belongs to an elderly person. Therefore, Polina Dibrova hurried to visit. And delicious, and help grandma!

flowers in flowers

Pavla and Peter , children of the acting couple Ekaterina Vilkova and Ilya Lyubimov, enjoy sunny days in the country. “Flowers of life,” their star mother comments on the photo.

Don’t let the strawberries dry out!

Irrigation master is also growing up with Sergey Lazarev . The video on his personal Instagram, in which Nikita is watering the garden with concentration, the singer signed with great tenderness:

My little helper! Very independent!!

Do you have gardening achievements? Share photos in the comments!

Photo: Instagram