Sofia Rotaru: declaration of love

Sofia Rotaru: declaration of love

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The reason for the compliments was the new family pictures of Sofia Rotaru against the backdrop of blooming magnolias. The 70-year-old favorite of millions of people in the post-Soviet space in a blue stylized national blouse poses in turn with all family members: with her son Ruslan, his wife Svetlana and, of course, with her beloved grandchildren Sofia Jr. and Anatoly.

In an interview, the stage legend emphasized more than once that it was her native people who always inspired her and gave her strength for such a long and successful career. By the way, contrary to artistic tradition, Sofia Rotaru was married only once. With her husband Anatoly Evdokimenko, they managed to maintain warm relations until the very moment of his death. But even now, on his birthday, the singer confesses her love for her husband.

Probably, it was the great love that became the basis for the grandchildren to be named after their grandparents. The younger Sofia and Anatoly also devoted themselves to music, but now the girl dreams of a modeling career, since her appearance allows. The grandson tries himself in the DJ profession.

And of course, the greatest excitement among the subscribers of the page was caused by a picture in which both Sophia and daughter-in-law Svetlana shine with stunning smiles. “Three sisters” – titled it in the comments. The ability to preserve youth is the eternal secret of the singer. It is likely that the secret lies in her love for loved ones, for life and creativity. Sofia Rotaru often posts pictures of her grandchildren or a photo from the vacation she spends with her family on Instagram, and always accompanies them with very warm words and wishes.