Sobchak showed an effective press exercise

Sobchak showed an effective press exercise

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Ksenia Sobchak posted a video on her microblog about how she plays sports. In particular, he performs an exercise on the press. And she accompanied the video with a comment that will please those who do not like breakfast, but do not mind having dinner:

Show “trained seal” 🙂 ! Still, it is very important to find such a monster of a trainer in the gym with whom you are comfortable. And most importantly, listen to yourself. All my life, my girlfriends-burners repeated the same nonsense that didn’t suit me – a hearty breakfast and after 7 not a drop and a gram in my mouth!

But if I’m an owl, I never go to bed before 2 am, then by about 23 I’m already ready to eat even my hand. And what to do? And for the first time I met a person who says: if you are so comfortable, don’t have breakfast at all (and I don’t like it), it’s better to have lunch and just 4 hours before bedtime protein food in the evening. And here I am – a month later, I look like a person, and not like a well-fed pig :))))

The TV presenter is now actively fighting overweight . Recall that earlier Sobchak underwent procedures that work wonders: “In a week, from a person who is endlessly suspected of pregnancy, you turn into a ruddy and thin nymph.” These are droppers with multivitamins and iron, pressure therapy, cryosauna, pressure chamber for oxygen enrichment, massage and anti-cellulite nitrogen injections.

At the same time, Ksenia Sobchak admitted that some procedures are very painful, but for the sake of the result, you can endure.

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