Smoothies: tasty, healthy, easy!

Smoothies: tasty, healthy, easy!

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This thick drink has won the hearts of adults and children around the world. Delicious and easy to make, it’s perfect for breakfast. Smoothies are made from berries, fruits, vegetables and crushed pieces of ice. For a richer taste add milk, cream, spices… Anything you like.

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Smoothies are simple and complex: made from one type of fruit or vegetable or multi-ingredient.

Moms can treat themselves to a cold smoothie by adding crushed ice cubes to the drink. Children can make smoothies from chilled ingredients.

smoothie recipe

Ideal smoothie combinations:

  • Banana + strawberry
  • orange + banana
  • Raspberry + strawberry + banana
  • Grapefruit + orange + banana

And so you can continue indefinitely ….


  1. Choose fruits or vegetables. Wash and put them in the freezer for a short time to cool.
  2. Then peel off the skin, cut into pieces, put in a blender and chop.
  3. You can add milk to the smoothie if you like.
  4. When serving, garnish with fresh berries, mint or basil leaves, sesame seeds, chia, coconut chips or grated chocolate. For children, you can add balls, corn flakes, “rings”, pillows and figures from children’s sets.

Get inspired by colorful photos of the vitamin drink and experiment with flavors!

Fruit and berry smoothies

…blueberry smoothie

…raspberries + blueberries

…grapes + blueberries + chia seeds

…watermelon smoothie

…strawberry and orange

…mango + lime

vegetable smoothies

…spinach + lemon + celery + ginger

… avocado smoothie

….avocado + cucumber + spinach + parsley

What kind of smoothies do you make?

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