Senior and junior: 30 photos of the first meeting

Senior and junior: 30 photos of the first meeting

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The first meeting with a younger brother or sister is an important moment in the life of every older child. What will she be? It’s hard to predict! Emotions overwhelm like waves, replacing each other: shyness, curiosity, delight, tenderness and incredible tenderness…

One thing is clear: this moment is the beginning of a long and strong bond between brothers and sisters after nine long and agonizing months of waiting.

First kiss! So timid, but full of love and tenderness…


Not many succeed in seeing a brother or sister immediately after birth. This guy is very lucky!


When interest and curiosity is stronger than shyness


That incredible feeling when you take your baby in your arms for the first time!


And immediately you begin to teach him to “make faces”


Such precious moments when tenderness in the chest makes it hard to breathe…


… and from happiness you can hardly hold back tears


Two little fashionistas!


Sharing the moment of the first meeting with the kids is priceless!


The moment you become a big sister…

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…or older brother

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When you hug gently, tenderly, because your sister is still a baby

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Surprisingly: we sent one mother to the hospital, and we take two at once!

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Children do not know how to hide their emotions, so their joy is always sincere and so great!

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When you can see for yourself that a fourth has arrived in our team

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Babies touch their newborn siblings so gently…

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To see the new tiny family member, you need to lean in close, close to him.

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Watching your kids meet for the first time is exciting!

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When you hold a baby in your arms for the first time, you understand why mom and dad always hold his head…

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… sometimes the elders, of course, have to help

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Big brotherthat sounds proud!

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There is always so much tenderness in little children

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At first, the appearance of a younger brother or sister is so surprising that you can’t even comprehend it.

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Small as a doll…

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When you first look at each other…

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…and curiosity mixed with boundless tenderness

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Mom’s hands are now not only yours, but this does not make love less!

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And finally , a touching video of the first meeting:

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